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Content Personalization Software

The Content Personalization software empowers Registered Users with the ability to organize and filter site information and content on their personalized, or "My Portal", page.

Users can easily choose their favorite categories from site content areas (portlets) for display on their "My Portal" pages. The "My Portal" page thus becomes the gateway to quickly browse the site's content that is most relevant to them, rather than having to go and search or browse each area of the site individually.

DynaPortal's Content Highlighting software lets administrators target or place information throughout relevant areas of the site. By contrast, the Content Personalization portlet places the content filtering power in the hands of the Registered Users. Both provide links to categories of relevant content - a simple click away.

Portal software return on investment is maximized by allowing users to filter content themselves, reducing content administration and site operations costs while increasing content exposure and their associated revenues.
    Allows users to filter large amounts of information
    Increases content page views by providing an easier, faster way to browse information
    Reduces information retrieval times - a must for Corporate intranets and extranets
    Ready to go today - right "off-the-shelf"
    Provides the compelling user experience that increases site traffic, participation and value
    The "My Portal" page provides the user-centric location for providing additional personalized services and content

DynaPortal Enterprise Features
The Personalization software provides flexible, easy-to-use content management focused on reducing User information retrieval durations that actually increases page views.

    Users can filter the majority of DynaPortal's site content to display only areas of personal interest or relevance
    Users can quickly browse their personalized content
    Users can easily change their personalized content selections
    Users can change the layout of their personalized content on the "My Portal" page
    RSS feeds can be chosen by Users
    Opt-in email lists can be chosen by Users using the Email List Management portlet
For more detailed feature descriptions and to discuss more personalized content and services opportunities, please contact us.

Contact us to find out more about the versatility of the Personalization and other DynaPortal content management software.

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